Lesa Lillibridge
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Fred Langguth Sales/Credit Manager at Galehouse Limber Company

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Fred Langguth"I've known Lesa for the past 10 years through our HBA affiliation. We've worked proudly together for 4 years as Portage/Summit HBA Board Trustees. Her building company was also an outstanding client of ours as well. In my 34 years in this business I would undoubtedly put Lesa at the top of any list when in comes to professionalism and the ability (art) of knowing how to "dot-the-Is, and cross-the Ts"... everytime Period! Sincerely!"   Fred Langguth

Tony Malorni Technology Advisor AtNetPlus

"Lesa brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to her clients in the Real Estate market. With her experience as a builder, she knows quality and value in construction and provides that expertise to her clients. Above that, she truly cares about the people she works with and for, making them feel confident and knowing they are in good hands with Lesa. She believes in giving the right advice and counsel, not necessarily what her clients want to hear." Tony Malorni

Steven Shaffer CEO Lighting Max

"Lesa is a go-getter that does not wait for the market to come to her. She comes up with creative ideas to improve her competitive position in the market and the products she builds. Lesa is an innovator and market leader that is always striving to get better."   Steven Shaffer

Carol Ziruolo Membership Services Director at Home Builders Association Serving Portage & Summit Counties

"Lesa Lillibridge is compassionate with all her endeavors. Lesa will never let you down, she will build you up. Lesa will always be honest."   Carol Ziruolo

Al Mothersbaugh CEO Akron Glass Tinting

Al Mothersbaugh recommends Real Estate Agent Lesa Lillibridge:
“Lesa is a detail-oriented agent who always makes her clients her TOP priority!”

"Top qualities: Personable, Expert"  
Al Mothersbaugh

Amy Tullis Librarian, Friend and Extended Family

"I have known Lesa Lillibridge for over 8 years now and have  been  very impressed with this young woman's work ethics. She has the skills of 10 women and power to go the whole 9 yards and then some. She is not afraid to put in a day's work and continue on into the night to get the job finished and start on the next project. She is a multi tasker and a good person to deal with in the public, business or family wise. I would recommend her for any job, any day, anywhere. She brings to the table her experience from many avenues and yet has the desire to constantly bring on more challenges to her life. She has never shown laziness and always is professionally presented. She is an asset for anyone!"   Amy Tullis